More news about Marconi Union and Jah Wobble

There is now a short sampler of tracks from Anomic on SoundCloud.

The making of Anomic took place over a period of two years. MU had crossed paths with John a number of times and after a while talk had turned to the idea of making a record together, but it actually took quite a while to get started on it.

We had a very clear idea about what we wanted the album to reflect. We were keen to make an "ambient" album that had some grit, the sort of music that might make you think about the wrong side of town. At the same time, we didn't want to make it doomy and grim.

Deer Shed Festival

Marconi Union will be closing Saturday night at Deer Shed Festival

on 20/07/2013.

Jah Wobble and Marconi Union

On 24/06/2013, 30 Hertz will be releasing, Anomic a full length album recorded by Jah Wobble and Marconi Union.

Further information to follow.

Marconi Union Documentary

In 2012 MU went into Redwall Studios in Manchester to record a live session. DOTCA were on hand to film it and made this short documentary.


End of the year

As 2012 winds down, we’re looking back over the year. Highlights for The Union included the release of Different Colours and the tremendous response it received (and continues to receive). Distance and Under Wires & Searchlights being remastered and reissued. On the live front we ventured into new territory, performing two live remixes at Punkt! Festival in Norway which was curated this year by Brian Eno.

But the best thing for us in 2012 was the tremendous amount of support we received from people all around the world who enjoy our music. Thank you.

We've put together a list of some things we enjoyed in 2012 even though some of them were released or published before this year, we included them anyway because it was only in the last twelve months we got into them.

Some things we liked this year


Loscil - Sketches From New Brighton

A Winged Victory For the Sullen - A Winged Victory For The Sullen

Johann Johannsson - Copenhagen Dreams

Can - Lost Tapes Box Set


Jan Bang / Erik Honore / Arve Henriksen / Eivind Aarset - Live Remixing at Punk! Norway.

The Dandy Warhols - Manchester


The Bridge (Danish / Swedish Crime Thriller)


Journey to the End of Night, Louis Ferdinand-Celine

A Streetcat Named Bob - James Bowen

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love - Raymond Carver


The Artist

Beautiful Lives



Tour de France

Andy Murray / US Open


Nord Keyboards

Your Turn:

We would like to hear what your favourite albums of the year were... please send us your three most played albums in 2012.

MU in Liverpool

MU will be playing a gig with Warm Digits at Liverpool Capstone Theatre on the 19th October.

The time limited offer to download the full Weightless album with CD purchases of Different Colours has now expired.

Punkt! Festival, Norway

MU will be appearing at this year's Punkt!

festival in Kristiansand, Norway. Punkt! 2012 is being curated by Brian Eno and as always, is centred around a stage/studio hybrid called the Alpha Room, where various acts including Marconi Union will be live sampling and remixing artists appearing on the main stage.

The concept of the Alpha Room was developed by Jan Bang and Erik Honore, who have worked with a range of Nordic and international improvisational artists both as record producers and remixers.

New album and exclusive free album download offer

We are pleased to announce we will be releasing our sixth album on the 18th June. Different Colours will be the first Marconi Union record to feature Duncan Meadows and will once again be appearing on the Just Music label. You can listen to excerpts of the tracks here.

Anyone purchasing a CD copy from the Just Music Web Shop will also receive a link to download an exclusive free copy of Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Volume 2). This latter album is not available anywhere else and features all six tracks in the Weightless series only one of which has ever been made public before. The offer expires on September 30th and is only valid at the Just Music web shop.

Under Wires and Distance, remastered and re-released

Marconi Union are pleased to announce, that our first two albums, Distance and Under Wires, will be reissued at the end of January. Distance has been remastered and Under Wires mastered for the first time both will be in a digipack. They will be available at all the usual outlets.

Beautifully Falling Apart CD now available

Our new album is now available, soundclips can be heard here.

It can be purchased from

Amazon    Just Music

Marconi Union Live in Manchester (again)

MU will be playing with fellow Just Music artists Laki Mera at Manchester Band on The Wall on the 15th July. Tickets are available here

Marconi Union Live in Manchester

On the 20.5.11 Marconi Union will be supporting Jah Wobble at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester.

Marconi Union Live in Prague

On 16.04.11 MU, Digitonal and Echaskech will be appearing in Prague at Palac Akropolis.

Manchester Art Gallery "performance"

On 1.10.10 Marconi Union will be performing at Manchester Art Gallery. We have been invited to provide a two and a half hour "improvised ambient soundscape" for people attending the Manchester Art Gallery exhibition by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. We would really like to clarify is that this will not be an MU gig in any normal sense, we will solely be improvising "soundscapes" we wouldn't like to think of anyone turning up in the expectation of seeing us playing a regular gig and being disappointed. Our participation in the evening involves the three of us playing in a large glass atrium which people pass through on the way to the exhibition, the idea is that some people may choose to stop and listen for a while others will not...

Glassworks 12"single and download now available

We're pleased to announce that our new 12" single Glassworks is now available. It can be purchased on vinyl from Binemusic or as a download from our shop as well as all the other usual outlets.

September 2010 Update

On the 20.09.10 we will be releasing a 12 inch single on Binemusic. The sleeve was designed by musician and artist Ralph Steinbruchel. It is available direct from Bine or as a download from Boomkat

On 1.10.10 Marconi Union will be performing at Manchester City Art Gallery, we will be providing music to accompany an exhibition called Recorders by Mexican-Canadian electronic artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer . This will be a very different performance by MU and we will be playing a very organic ambient set which will last for 150 minutes. Admission is free.

Our friends at Dotca have also revamped their site and we strongly recommend a visit.

April 2010 Update

The main news this month, is that A Lost Connection is being released on CD by our friends at Just Music, the exact date is still to be confirmed but we expect it to be around the beginning of June. All the tracks and the running order are the same as the MP3 version but for the CD release the original recordings have been newly mastered by Guy Davie. Binemusic are releasing a double vinyl compilation, Various Artists - 2010 which features a new MU track called Ancoats 111, release date is 12.04.10. Due to popular request we now have copies of the Tokyo CD on sale in the shop.

March 2010 Update

Nothing to report this month, please check back in April we will have more news for you then, thanks MU.

February 2010 Update

For further info regarding next months concert at the Union Chapel London please click here

A Lost Connection, Now available on CD.

Ever since it's original release as a download only album, we have had requests for a CD version so we are pleased to announce that a fully remastered version is now available on CD and can be purchased from:

Just Music

January 2010 Update

MU will be playing Manchester Band on The Wall on the 2nd February. Tickets are available here We are also pleased to announce that we will be playing a free lunchtime concert at Union Chapel, Islington, London on Saturday 6th March. Noted Scottish painter Colin Lawson who has some of his paintings featured on the site, has recently published a book inspired by MU music, it is called A Lost Connection.

December 2009 Update

We will playing in Manchester on 2nd February at the Band on The Wall, tickets are available here We also hope to be confirming a London date soon, with hopefully other cities in the UK to follow. Tokyo has been placed at number 17 in the Echoes listener's chart for 2009.

November 2009 Update

We have been busy making some changes to the site, the catalogue page now offers two choices, the first takes you to all the regular Marconi Union albums. The second, is for our MU-Transmission page, where we will be making available music from our off-shoots, collaborations and experiments. Debuting with the first EP in an ongoing project called the Shoot Out Series which is also credited to MU-Transmissions, hopefully that won't be too confusing... We have also completed a new track this month for inclusion on a double album to be released by Binemusic sometime in the New Year, we'll pass on more details when we have them. We are also booking live dates for the beginning of next year, once again more details when things are confirmed.

October 2009 Update

Sorry we have been very quiet recently, all of our efforts have been directed at rehearsing and planning live dates which we will announce when they are confirmed. A little while back we issued a download only EP called Shoot Out Series 1 under the name of MU-Transmissions through the Dotca web site in response to the large number of requests we received we have now decided to make the whole series available as and when we have time over the next year on exclusively. These recordings were done on a track by track basis and are not part of any album project or thematically linked, some of the recordings feature collaborations with other artists and occasionally show a different side to our music so we decided to release them under our label's name.

September 2009 Update

Sorry, nothing to report this month.

August 2009 Update

On July 27th we released Tokyo our fourth album. It is available on CD and in digital formats. The response to Tokyo has been fantastic both from reviewers and especially from people who have contacted us via the site and we would like to thank everyone for their support and feedback.

July 2009 Update

On July 27th our new album Tokyo will be released on Binemusic, this will be available in CD and digital formats. Downloads will be for sale from the site. Also this month, we are releasing 13, a collection of the various free downloads that have been available on the site over the past year, this is available now as a single download featuring over an hour of music for a minimal price.

June 2009 Update

We have now completed our track with Giorgio Li Calzi. It will be featured on an album called Organum. There are no release dates at present but we will let you know when we have one. We have had a lot of enquiries from people who wanted to catch up on free downloads they had missed so next month we will be making all available in a single download. There will be a minimal charge of £1.99 to cover costs.

May 2009 Update

We received the masters for our new album, Tokyo which will be released on July 27th on Binemusic, more info can be found here. Next month we will provide some samples for you to check out and will tell you a bit more about it. American television network HBO have approached us with a request to use some of our music on a forthcoming documentary. Meanwhile US film maker and CGI effects guru Eric Hanson will be using These European Cities as the soundtrack to an upcoming Dome Film. Eric has been at the forefront of imaging technology for many years, so we are really excited to see what he is doing. A Temporary Life will also be featured in an upcoming documentary film presently being made in the US. Details are a little scant at the moment, but when we know more... Josef Sedlon a well known DJ on Radio 1, in the Czech Republic played all of Distance on his morning show this week. This is great news for us, as we are hoping to play in Prague later in the year.

April 2009 Update

Tokyo, our new CD is presently being mastered at Calyx in Berlin this month and will be released on the excellent Binemusic label sometime at the end of May or beginning of June. We are also planning to collaborate with Giorgio Li Calzi the notable Italian trumpeter, as part of his Organum project.

March 2009 Update

Another very quiet month, most of our efforts have been directed at putting together a live set which we hope will have more emphasis on playing and steer away from too much use of laptops etc.

February 2009 Update

It's been a good month for MU, with various things happening. More on Fluid Radio, as we mentioned last month listeners voted A Lost Connection their album of the year and we reciprocated by doing an exclusive one hour mix. We'd like to thank everyone who e-mailed in, both to us and Fluid Radio, I think we have finally finished replying to everyone who contacted us. The people at Fluid told us they had received more than 500 e-mails about it! Unfortunately, it won't be available for download in the near future, as a number of the previously unreleased tracks are scheduled for release in different projects over the next few months. However, if anybody missed it or would like to hear it again, Fluid will be rebroadcasting it, on Wed 11th Feb at 7pm (UK time zone) It was good to see Distance being named as one of six essential Ambient recordings in the Sunday Times recently. Over the last couple of years BineMusic has become one of our favourite labels, with releases by Benjamin Brunn, Scanner and Move D. So we were extremely pleased when they contacted us at the end of last year and suggested that we release a CD with them, the resulting album will be available in May or June.

January 2009 Update

Fluid Radio listeners voted A Lost Connection their album of the year and on Saturday 10th January at 7pm (UK time) they will be broadcasting an exclusive hour long MU mix. We created the mix in December so it is a great indication of where we are at presently, and features a lot of previously unreleased tracks. We hope you will check it out. In February we are planning to release a remix EP for download via the site. Happy New Year.

December 2008 Update

A Lost Connection is now available from all of the major download sites (itunes, Beatport, Napster et.). We now have CD copies of Distance for sale in the shop sectionof the site. Over the past month we have spent quite a bit of time helping to establish the new DOTCA website Over the next few weeks downloads will be available to purchase from the various different artists and groups. We'd certainly recommend keeping an eye on this one. It might be a little early but, have a good Christmas and New Year.

November 2008 Update

Their is little to talk about this month, things have been very quiet and most of our efforts are still focused on a developing a live set, we want to do something special and it all takes time. Despite this, we have found time to work on some new music, which is generally more abstract than anything we've done previously, perhaps the best reference point is Shibuya last month's free download. If forced we would categorise the sound “hi-tech ambience” and we don't know as yet where we're going with this direction or how it's going to develop so it is a pretty interesting time for us right now. MU recently signed a publishing and digital rights management deal with Just Music and from December, A Lost Connection will be available as a download from a wide range of platforms, including iTunes, emusic, Beatport etc. so this month we thought we'd do something a little different with the free download, it will be available for two weeks from the Just Music site, if you click on the normal link below and it will take you to the right place.

October 2008 Update

We are currently working on a number of different projects, including, preparations for a live set, a radio mix and recording new tracks. German label Soundcolours are shortly due to release a compilation called Chilltronica, A Definition, this beautifully packaged CD includes Hinterland as well as tracks from Depeche Mode, The Grid and Erlend Oye among others. Echoes support for A Lost Connection continues unabated and we are now at number two in their monthly chart.

September 2008 Update

A Lost Connection became the first download only album to enter the top 5 of the Echoes radio show chart. John Diliberto found time to write about this in his blog Click here to read more. John also found time to feature Marconi Union on one of his Echoes Location audio reports Click here to listen. Otherwise August was a quiet month with lots of diversions from making music. However, we did find time to go through our archive of tracks and ideas some of which we will be revisiting for future development. We also completed a remix for Evan Marc and Steve Hillage which we hope will surface soon. Thanks to John and all at Echoes for their support.

August 2008 Update

Museum of Modern Art in L.A. A recent review in the Observer Music Magazine refers to us soundtracking an installation at MOCA in LA. This is a project we were approached to take part in at the beginning of July. We recorded some music for it, and at the time of the review being written everything seemed to have been finalised. Apparently, this was a little premature, and the situation subsequently changed. At the moment it is still unclear whether it will be going ahead with our involvement. We will update you on this, as and when we know more. Meanwhile here is the Observer review. Fresh from soundtracking an installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA, Marconi Unions third album is centred around themes of isolation and disconnection, so it makes sense that they have self-released it through their own website. Minimal, introspective, ethereal electronica, it is arguably their strongest set to date. Gorgeous. Luke Bainbridge, The Observer. Soundtrack MU have contributed three tracks to the soundtrack of French Canadian Film A L Ouest De Pluton - West Of Pluto made by Vostock Films. The film is the story of the daily lives of a dozen teenagers in the suburbs of Quebec and is directed by Henri Bernadet and Myriam Verreault. West of Pluto will be released in September. Remixes Over the past few weeks we have also been involved in a number of remix projects, which hopefully we will be able to tell you more soon.

New Album Available Now

We are pleased to announce the release of our new album A Lost Connection which is exclusively available for download at Check out the samples in the shop. On this page we will be posting a free download every month, and over the next few weeks and months, we plan to make a lot of music available, including deleted and previously unreleased tracks, as well as keeping you updated with anything happening with MU.