Since the release of their first album in 2003 Marconi Union have stealthily developed an international reputation for their unique fusion of ambient electronica and organic instrumentation.

They have recorded for a number of labels and released four highly acclaimed albums as well as contributing to innumerable compilations, art projects, film and TV.

In 2010 founder members, Richard Talbot and Jamie Crossley invited Duncan Meadows to join them and they continue to explore new ideas and sounds.


Under Wires And Searchlights - Ochre Records 2003

Distance - All Saints Records 2005

A Lost Connection - MU-Transmissions 2008 (digital only)

Tokyo - Bine Music 2009

Glassworks - Bine Music 2010 (12" vinyl ep)

A Lost Connection - Just Music 2010 (remastered)

Beautifully Falling Apart (Ambient Transmission Vol1) - Just Music 2011

Under Wires And Searchlights - Just Music 2012 (remastered)

Distance - Just Music 2012 (remastered)

Different Colours - Just Music 2012